Wednesday, October 17, 2007

321 Let's Jam!

All right! My friend Aisleen and I are illustrators trying to wedge our way into the illustration and animation industries. While we're forever practicing and pouring over tons of blogs by illustrators worlds more talented than we, we realize that our skills have a long way to go. So, we've decided to make our own blog to post weekly challenges for ourselves.

Each week one of us chooses a theme and by the end of that week we'll have posted our drawings for said theme. Our posts can range from doodles to finished colored works, whatever we feel like pumping out. The themes will stretch our own stylistic habits and have us draw subject matter that we've likely never explored. Fun times.

Ok, Aisleen I have no idea what else to say. Well, except for:

THEME # 1.
~Pin up girls.

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